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A Voyage of Self Discovery

All About Bhava Wellness

Holly Payne, Owner

I am an intuitive healer, Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki master/teacher, Master Teacher of the Quantum Light Frequencies 1-3, certified Hypnotherapist, sound healing practitioner, drum maker, and certified yoga instructor. Modalities include: energy healing, hypnotherapy for past life regression and current life regression, sound therapy, reiki healing and training, private yoga instruction.

I love nature and all aspects of it. I love being outside hiking, biking, camping, boating, it is my first love. I love the life I have created. I am originally from Vernal Utah and moved to St George shortly after my husband died. It was his passing that sky rocketed my spiritual journey of healing and ascension. Through my healing process, the mess, the darkness, the pain, I found absolutely unconditional love for myself and for others. I have embraced all aspects of the human journey and find so much passion and joy in all of it. My mission, my soul song, my passion, and what brings me so much joy is in helping others to heal and find their inner peace and self love and acceptance. We are all messy humans and it is the connections we make that enhance our lives and lifts our spirits.


Sessions offered

I offer a variety of modalities for deep healing.  Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki sessions, Reiki Training,  Intuitive Healing and Negative Perspective Clearing, Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Medicine Drum making Ceremonies, and Meditations

Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki

Body & Mind & Spirit

Energy healing offered in a variety of times and custom sessions.  Enjoy a full session, or a partial session.  Add intuitive healing and drumming to the session, or incorporate with a hypnotherapy session.

Medicine Drum Ceremonies

Body & Mind & Spirit

Learn about the sacred sound of the medicine drum.  With an intuitive healing session, a drum circle, and create your own personal medicine drum.

Usui Holy Fire Classes

Body & Mind & Spirit

Become a reiki practitioner.  Receive the placement for Holy Fire III Reiki all levels taught.


Body & Mind & Spirit

Journey through time and space in a past life experience session.  Meet your spirit guides, your higher self, or journey to your akashic records.  Stay in this time and heal the past subconscious traumas.  Add Reiki to the session to send healing energy to the specific childhood trauma.

Meditation and Sound Bath

Body & Mind & Spirit

Enjoy an amazing reiki energy filled meditation/experience with a crystal bowl sound bath.

Custom made Medicine Drums

Body & Mind & Spirit

Custom made Medicine Rawhide Drums.  Intuitively made, colored, and painted drums.

Quantum light session

Body & Mind

A beautiful healing session using quantum light energy in the quantum field. This energy allows for instant mental emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. 


Although I had received reiki many times in the past and seen its amazing effects, I had never considered becoming a reiki practitioner myself.  It was not until I met Holly and was so drawn to her beautiful energy, that I truly became interested and excited to learn.  And I am so glad I listened to that prompting!  Holly's class was such a wonderful life changing experience.  I have been using reiki ever since and it has truly blessed my life.  Holly is an amazing woman and teacher and I would most definitely recommend her class to anyone interested in learning reiki!

Brigette Smith

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St. George, Washington County 84790


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